Black Samsung Galaxy S4~S3~S2 Charger

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Small, lightweight and compact design. Safely charge your phone via your computer or laptop using USB ports while using the USB cable or charge your devices using a wall outlet by plugging the cable into and wall adapter. Also, you can sync and transfer files to and from your computer and phone via the micro USB data cable.

The Car charger is rated at 2 amps as well, if you connect one device it will charge the device at a rate of 2 amps which in most cases is 2x as fast as ordinary chargers. If you connect 2 devices your devices will charge at normal rate of charging time.

High quality chargers and cables
Best replacement for the originals
True USB 2.0 cables, True 2000 mah chargers
Integrated microchip prevents overcharging and lengthens the battery life

Charger Specifications:

Chargers are 2000 mah for fast reliable charging
Cables are 3 feet long with USB 2.0 for fast and realible charging

Package Includes:

2 ~ USB 2.0 Cables
1 ~ Dual Car Charger
1 ~ Wall Charger
1 Year Manufacturers Warranty