Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard For iPad, Compatible With 9 inch Tablets (Black)

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  • $19.99 USD
Introducing One Of Our Premiere Products: Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard For iPad And Compatible With 9 inch Tablets.

This Product Also Includes A Dual Tip Stylus Pen For iPads, Tablets & Mobile Devices (Capacitve Resistance Stylus).

You Can View The Stylus Pen Here: Click Here For Stylus Pen

This Keyboard Features:
1. Energy saving keyboard sleep mode.
2. Compact, easy to carry.
3. Compatible with all Bluetooth 9 inch Tablets.
4. Light weight, quiet keystroke, dust proof and spill-proof.
5. Scissor type keyboard, quick typing, comfortable feel.
6. Brushed metal texturing keyboard panel is anti-skid and very fine.
7. The exterior is specially designed for your iPad mini. The system is designed for Windows, Android, iOS. Please press Fn+Android or Fn+Windows or Fn+ iOS to switch system mode.
8. Micro interface, easy to charge.