Ultra Thin Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard With Case For iPad / Mobile Phones / Computer (Silver White)

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Introducing One Of Our Premiere Products: Ultra Thin Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard With Case For iPad / Mobile Phones / Computer.

This Product Also Includes A Dual Tip Stylus Pen For iPads, Tablets & Mobile Devices (Capacitve Resistance Stylus).

You Can View The Stylus Pen Here: Click Here For Stylus Pen

This Keyboard Features:
1. Bluetooth 3.0 wireless connection
2. The signal transmission is stable, and the effective range is as far as 10m
3. Dimensions: 285x122x8mm
4. Weight: about 270g

1. Using bluetooth 3.0 wireless technology, let you get rid of the shackles of "wire".
2. Using 2 x AAA alkaline batteries (not included), it can be used continuously for three months.
3. With a power switch, you can turn off the power when not in use, saving energy
4. Ultra-thin design, the main body thickness is only 6.7 mm
5. Key structure composition: keycap (crater structure)
6. The key cap is made of ABS+PC laser material, the thickness is only 2.5 mm
7. 78-keys design, with 6 multimedia keys, and iPad and iPhone dedicated main control keys, browse search, brightness adjustment function, photo browsing, virtual keyboard and screen switch function shortcut keys.
8. Compatible with computer windows operating system, such as windows2000, NT, XP, Vista, etc., no driver is needed, as long as there is Bluetooth function, it can be installed directly
9. Compatible with Windows iOS Android operating system, no driver is required, and it can be used directly