by Maria (Cyprus): Where should I start…in the beginning, it was a little bit confusing for me but the end got me so emotional. I loved how this book gave a total description of all the character’s behavior, it had so many details to everything which helps you to be part of that book. It made me realize that people sometimes try to pretend like they don’t see the negative things the other person has because they care way too much about them in order to pretend to themselves that, that person will change. In other words, people usually try to not pay attention to reality or in the case of Lily’s mom, she tried not to pay attention to what her husband was doing because she felt like she would be nothing without him and she wouldn’t have somewhere to live, especially when she has her daughter. Another lesson it gave me, is that when you observe a situation from the outside, it’s easier to say that you would leave and change something but when you get to live that situation, you understand the perspective of view of the person that was going through that situation.